Guidelines For Designing A Customer Service Training For New Hires

Training & Development  |  December 1, 2019

Let’s talk about training and developing your team! Let’s talk about onboarding new hires and preparing them for your workplace! And let’s definitely talk about the importance of teaching your employees to prioritize customer service no matter what role they play in the company!

Why? Because this stuff matters. 

It’s important. 

Overlooking customer service training for new hires because you have to find a way to cover everything else is a terrible mistake that too many companies make. 

We care a lot about helping our clients improve their customer service training methods. One of the best ways to do that is to make sure a portion of every new hire’s training includes customer service instruction and practice. 

Guidelines for Designing New Hire Training

These are some of our most essential guidelines for creating this kind of training. 

Don’t create training. Curate training.

Training design is about curating a great training system, not just creating a training program from scratch. When a museum curator chooses what will be included in an exhibit, the curator doesn’t create all of the art on their own! 

They curate the space by thinking about what their community needs, what exists and can be acquired, and what needs to be commissioned. 

When you curate training, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can utilize what you already have in place at your company and adapt it to new hire training. You can also look for resources (like our training courses!) that can be implemented for your new team members. 

What you need to do is organize existing information in a practical, useful way, and then find out what gaps still need to be filled.  

Prioritize customer service training as part of your employee culture.

Employee culture, sometimes called company culture, starts before you even hire a new person for your team. It is part of what helps you attract top talent because workers want to be a part of something they care about. 

Great company culture is often perceptible to people on-site for job interviews. You have the opportunity to solidify that culture during customer service training.

You want to communicate several things to your new hires, including: 

  • “In our company, we value our customers.”
  • “Good customer service is the responsibility of everyone within the organization, not just customer-service reps!”
  • “Keeping customers happy improves our bottom line.”
  • “Our customers are not an inconvenience, and we won’t treat them as such!”

Be creative in your customer-service training design.

There is nothing worse than sitting through tedious training sessions, regardless of the topic! Customer service is no different. You are going to want to design training that is captivating, creative, and compelling.

Not sure how to accomplish that? That’s where we come in. We have the expertise to help you curate training that is specific to your needs but also avoids boring your new hires to tears. 

Find some role models. 

Who is known for excellent customer service in your industry? What has their approach been to training?

A blogger from Forbes says that these are the companies that had the best reputations for customer service back in 2018, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index: 

  1. Chick-fil-A
  2. Trader Joe’s
  3. Aldi
  4. Amazon
  5. Lexus
  6. Costco Wholesale
  7. HEB Grocery
  8. Toyota
  9. Publix
  10. Wegmans Food Markets
  11. Subaru
  12. Google
  13. Apple 
  14. L Brands
  15. LG
  16. Texas Roadhouse
  17. Cracker Barrel
  18. Thrivent Financial
  19. FedEx
  20. Daimler-Mercedes Benz

Notice the variety on that list! There are grocery stores, general retailers, car companies, and tech industry giants. Restaurants and banks, too! 

If these companies can figure out how to provide great customer service, you can guarantee that they are training their employees from Day 1 to take care of customers. 

If you want to be like these companies and have outstanding customer-service reviews, great training is the place to start!

You can start by checking out our guide to customer-service training. Then, let’s talk! Get in touch with us to talk about what questions you have and how we can make a difference in your customers’ experience with your company!

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