How Customer Service Training Benefits Your Employees

Training & Development  |  December 5, 2019

Providing customer service training to your employees helps everyone who has anything to do with your business. 

It helps your team know how to handle problems and keep customers happy. It definitely helps your customers feel more appreciated. And it helps managers and administrators, too! When you are the manager of a team with great customer service skills, your job gets easier because you spend less time doing crisis management. You can focus on your job without having to swoop in and clean up employee/customer messes! 

Customer Service Statistics

The research is solid: good customer service is one of the best things you can do for your company!

  • In 2017, researchers created a Consumer Rage study, which found that there were more than 62 million families who had experienced customer service problems in the previous year. Of those 62 million people, 79% of them were still angry about the experience!
  • Vonage found that bad customer service drives away $62 billion dollars PER YEAR from American companies!
  • Genysys argues the losses are even more! They say it’s $83 billion dollars a year! They say that these are the things customers are the most likely to find frustrating: 
    • Repeating themselves 
    • Being trapped in automated self-service 
    • Forced to wait too long for service 
    • Representatives don’t know my history and value 
    • Cannot switch between communication channels easily

Clearly, customer service plays an important role in the shopping experience of millions of Americans. Many companies are failing their customers, and you have the opportunity to be the stand-out company that makes people happy!

Employee Culture

Customer service training is about building an employee culture where customers are valued. Sincerely, truly valued. 

Have you checked out some of the fascinating information about building a positive employee culture? There are all kinds of benefits to creating a positive work environment, but here is the big takeaway that we have found: you have to be intentional. 

Positive employee cultures don’t happen on their own, and neither does an employee culture that values customers. 

In order to really keep customers happy, your team needs to be trained and prepared! 

Opportunities to Learn and Grow

Provide your workers with many opportunities to learn and grow. 

There are so many ways to provide learning opportunities to your team! You can run live workshops or webinars, provide job aids and quick tip reminders, recommend podcasts and YouTube videos, and plenty more. You can even provide professional development money to employees who are willing to go to conferences, retreats, and take advantage of other training opportunities. 

What do these learning opportunities do?

Teach Your Employees to be Nimble and Flexible

Flexibility is so important when it comes to customer service. Do your employees understand that? Do they know that rigidity ruins customer relationships? Formulaic responses to concerns lead to customers feeling underappreciated and undervalued? 

Nimbleness is about the ability to respond to a variety of situations without losing your cool. It’s such an important aspect of working with the public and responding to the unique needs of each unique individual! 

One way to help employees become more nimble and flexible is to help them develop their Emotional Intelligence.

Teach Your Employees How to Develop Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a person’s ability to understand and respond to another individual’s emotions and needs. 

Think about how someone with high emotional intelligence might be able to respond in a challenging customer service situation:  A customer is upset. A product has arrived that is not to her satisfaction. In fact, it was damaged in shipping, which she paid extra for.  She needed that item for an important event and isn’t going to be able to solve the problem easily. 

Emotional intelligence means that the customer service representative working with her can relate to the customer’s experience and emotions, understand what it is that the customer needs, and can build rapport and goodwill rather than strictly adhering to a one-size-fits-all policy decision. 

And that takes us to our last point, which is…

Teach Your Employees How to Make Things Right

“Making it right” is different in each situation. For the customer who has a damaged product, emotional intelligence is about figuring out what will make it right. 

A refund?

An apology? 

A product replacement at no charge, plus a discount for her next purchase? 

Good customer service training will help your employees know how to recognize what a customer needs and how to respond to countless customer needs! Sometimes all a customer is looking for is an authentic apology and a path forward.

How can we help? 

We have been helping companies improve their customer service experiences through excellent employee training for years! Check out our guide, An Employer’s Guide to Customer Service Training, and contact us with any questions you have!

Let us help you create targeted, practical solutions for customer service training for your company. Whatever your time frame or budget, we are ready to work with you to find the solutions your company needs!

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