Why Customer Service Training Is So Important For Your Company

Training & Development  |  November 30, 2019

Your customers are valuable. But does your team know how to make sure your customers know how valuable they are to you? 

Great customer service training is so important. Customer service definitely doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Even people who have a gift for making others feel important don’t always know how to do that in a professional environment. 

We have been providing innovative customer service training to our clients for years. And over those years, we have learned so much about the importance of this kind of training! When our clients train their staff to prioritize customer service, we see the benefits of happier customers, better team morale, and higher profits! 

How does providing excellent customer service help your company? 

There are several reasons why you need to make sure that your customer service training is effective. Customer service is ultimately about building employee-customer goodwill. How does that goodwill benefit your company? 

There are countless benefits, but these are some of the biggest ones:

  1. Great customer service leads to customer loyalty. In fact, 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service. 
  2. Bad customer service, on the other hand, leads to significant losses. Unhappy customers leave your company, and one of the fastest ways to make a customer unhappy is to provide them with unsatisfactory service. It can also turn away potential customers. Someone who has a negative encounter with a company will never convert from shopper to buyer! 
  3. Unhappy customers cost you money, and not just in terms of lost future sales. When your customers are unhappy, you have to issue more refunds, provide discounts, or expend other resources to “make it right.” Another thing to think about is the additional cost of labor. You end up paying your team to spend time solving problems, responding to crises, and trying to make it up to angry customers. If they hadn’t gotten angry in the first place, the expense would be much lower.  
  4. Happy customers spend more money! That’s the kind of consumer habit you want to encourage, right? Keep your customers happy by making sure that your team knows how to delight them in every encounter.

So how do you give your customers that amazing experience they are looking for? 

At Knowledge Force Consulting, we understand the importance of all kinds of employee training. We believe that companies do best when they create a culture of learning. One of the things that teams need to learn is how to provide excellent customer service experiences to every single individual they interact with, whether that’s a sales lead or a valued, long-time customer. 

We believe that if you’re not polishing, you’re tarnishing. If you’re not improving, you’re stagnating. If you’re not always doing more to build customer goodwill and delight shoppers and customers alike, then you are letting your reputation weaken and fade. 

We also believe that knowledge empowers people! Knowledge unleashes talent, it expands capabilities, and it cultivates inner motivation. 

All of your workers should understand that they play a role in making customers happy. Those who work public-facing jobs have a responsibility, but so does everybody else. 

The thing is, customer service isn’t about the belief that the customer is always right. It’s that the customer is always important. 

Everyone in your team needs to understand how to make your customers feel important. We provide training that is unique to each of our clients, but some of the things we cover are: 

  • Customer service skills for new product launches
  • Communication effectiveness 
  • Recognizing customer needs
  • Emotional Intelligence

A few key training tips

  1. Training should be innovative and compelling. If it’s boring and dry, your team is not going to retain the important information they need.  
  2. Training doesn’t look the same from company to company. Sometimes you need to provide in-person training, sometimes online training. What you provide depends on several factors, including how many employees you have, where they work (on location or not), and what your goals are.  
  3. You can outsource your training to consultants like us if you want to ensure that your training is excellent and effective! 

Ready to learn more? 

Check out our Employer’s Guide to Customer Service Training to find out more about how to train your team! Your workers can solve more problems and delight more customers if they are trained more effectively, and that is going to do so much for your company! You’re going to see increased profits at the same time that you have a happier group of employees and customers. Improved morale is going to be one of the exciting side effects of this training, and we look forward to helping! 

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