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We are a full-service talent development firm that specializes in business operations and product launch training.

KnowledgeForce provides reimagined training solutions that power your business. We partner with you to help your people expand their knowledge, skills, and real-worked experiences to create sustained behavior change.

Let’s work together to bring out the best in your people.

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Can training help?

We believe it can.

Research shows organizations that invest in their people see results. Training contributes to better execution of strategy, increased sales, more effective use of resources, and greater employee and customer satisfaction. Today it’s more important than ever to have a resourceful and customer-focused team applying their knowledge and experience to tackle the most pressing business challenges.

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What challenge is your business facing?

What challenge is your business facing?

Launching new products

Capitalizing on opportunities

Developing your people

Working at the speed of business

How We Work

Pulling back the curtain on your organization, and allowing us to examine your processes and training programs, requires trust and confidence. We’ll work each day to earn and keep that trust by following a tried and true approach. We conduct a comprehensive review of your current approaches to ensure we have a clear picture of what’s required to achieve your goals. Then, we work with you to create targeted and practical solutions that align with your organizational culture. We’re committed to delivering solutions on time and on budget—and we’ll continue to help you evaluate and measure success.


How KnowledgeForce Solutions are Different

We know training doesn’t always have the best reputation, so we set out to change that perception. Our innovative, application-oriented solutions bring fun back to learning, outcomes back to performance, and motivation back to busy (and sometimes apathetic) learners. We help build high-performance cultures with employee development that combines real-world context with practical and actionable strategies so that you can measure results.

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Functional expertise

Industry expertise

Performance Consulting

Performance Consulting

Sometimes it’s difficult to determine what is needed to improve performance. It’s clear something needs to change, but you haven’t figured out if professional development is the solution. Working together with you, we help uncover talent gaps, identify core competencies, define critical skills, and build solutions that meet your environment’s needs.

Curriculum Design

Curriculum Design

KnowledgeForce professional development training solutions are engaging, impactful, and application-oriented. We understand effective development hinges on more than just learning (and unlearning) information. It requires adoption, application, and behavior change. We also understand this takes more than a few hours of training, so our immersive curriculums are designed with adult learning theory, along with cognitive and behavioral research, in mind. We help transform professional development from an event mindset to a continuous-development culture.



Empower your people to become real-life heroes by combining strong adult learning principles with creative instructional design and industry-leading platforms. We provide off-the-shelf and custom solutions that promote skill development and long-term performance improvement by capitalizing on the inherent advantages of gamification, online, and micro-learning. Request a demo to explore our e-Learning solutions.

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Engaging and effective delivery is just as important as curriculum and material design. KnowledgeForce facilitators are experts in facilitating workshops, so that everyone walks away with buy-in, breakthroughs, and actionable techniques. Whether you need an off-the-shelf solution, or a seasoned professional to deliver your organization’s content, our facilitation team is best-in-class! Checkout just a few of our Whole Brain Thinking Workshops!

Talent Assessments

Talent Assessments

Strategic use of assessments provides a standardized approach to gain insight about people and teams that isn’t always apparent. This additional data point can help direct business strategies to draw out the best in your people. At KnowledgeForce, we regularly use HBDI® (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument) and Hogan Assessments to undercover thinking preferences and personality characteristics. Powered with information, we can use the whole-person method to develop professional development programs that inform collaboration, improve performance, expand capabilities, promote ownership, and engage your workforce.

Our Story

Our story is simple and based on the belief that every person has the right to the pursuit of career happiness. With that belief in mind, we set out to help organizations develop their people to achieve career happiness, as well as organizational success. If you were a fly on our wall you’d hear us say: “Develop your people so that the competition tries to steal them, but treat them so well they’ll be loyal for life!” We have witnessed the power of strategic and well-executed professional development, and know it is truly the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

Learn more about our owner, Ginine Capozzi, and what drives her both personally and professionally.

Our Values


We serve, not sell

Our partnerships are based upon providing expertise and value; we serve people, promote positive growth, and enable personal and organizational accomplishment.

We are talent development role models

We walk-the-talk. We invest in our own professional development, do business with people we respect and admire, foster healthy work-life integration, and find joy in developing others.

Knowledge is empowering

We believe knowledge unleashes talents, expands capabilities, and cultivates inner drive; ultimately it fuels options and opportunity.

We connect

Connections are at the core of behavior change—we connect people, skills, and real-life experiences through application-oriented learning design to help our clients build high-performance organizations and inspiring cultures of learning.


Hours of content




People trained

KnowledgeForce Favorites

We admit it, just like you we have our favorites: favorite clients, favorite partners, favorite projects. Let’s work together so you can become another favorite!

Moog, Inc.

New software product launch and change management process training for a global audience.

  • Custom content development
  • eLearning
  • Facilitation
  • Organizational development
  • Performance support materials
  • Virtual training development & delivery

Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.

Using avatars and interactive activities to promote engagement and retention of technical dental information.

  • Sales e-Learning development
  • Customer service
  • Technical staff

Jubi, Inc.

Authoring courses that promote skill development and long-term behavior change by blending learning concepts with real-world practice. Proudly going where no platform has gone before: Learn. Inspire. Do.

  • Gamified e-Learning curriculum design
  • Content development

Interaction Dynamics Group

Partnering with talent development experts to build interactive and engaging programs in the areas of product development and negotiations training.

  • Curriculum design and material development for certified practitioner programs
  • Negotiations training
  • Performance management tools

Time Warner Cable

Supporting all telecommunication product life cycles.

  • Sales curriculum development
  • Customer care
  • Technical support
  • Retention


Supporting professional development for OCFS employees.

  • Facilitation
  • Workshop development


Redesigning multi-day workshops to meet the needs of an evolving market so that internal and intact teams can benefit from improved business partnering and negotiations.

  • Curriculum design
  • Training material development
  • Pilot session delivery

Herrmann International

Training professionals also need training! Redesigning the HBDI® Certified Practitioner Program to include various delivery options.

  • Modular curriculum design
  • Training material development
  • Train-the-trainer workshops

HealthNow BCBS

Supporting frontline employees with updated system and procedure training.

  • Billing
  • Customer Care

Accelerated Leadership Group

Partnering with talent development experts to build robust and effective professional development programs in the areas of pharmaceutical sales and sales coaching.

  • Instructional design for leadership and sales workshops

U&S Services, Inc.

Providing value-added services by designing and delivering content to support software product launches.

  • Webinar content development
  • Sales and technical writing services
  • Software training delivering to end users